Discover Mathemagic

Learn amazing feats of mathematical magic

What is Mathemagic?

Mathemagic is a branch of magic that uses clever disguised techniques to perform seemingly difficult or impossible mathematical or logical feats.

Among the most popular mathemagical effects are:

  • Instant arithmetical calculations, such as the ability to carry out complex multiplications or divisions, or to compute the square roots of a freely selected number.

  • Day for Any Date - the ability to name the day of the week for any chosen date.

  • Instant Magic Squares - e.g., the ability to construct elegant magic square for any named magic sum.

  • The Knight's Tour - a classic chess puzzle in which you have to move a Knight so that it visits every square of the chess board exactly once.

You can learn these and other amazing mathemagical techniques by following the links shown below.