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About Sigils

Sigils are symbols used in witchcraft and magic to express and actualize the intention or Will of the practitioner.

There are many different methods for creating and using sigils, both traditional and modern. Some methods rely on spontaneous intuitive and artistic expression. Other methods follow a standardized procedure that uses a set of rules to convert the verbal intention of the magician into a pictorial figure.

Once created, sigils can be used as a focus for meditation, or as talismans (objects believed to possess magical power) that may help to bring about a desired outcome.

About Sigil Creator

Our Sigil Creator will automatically design sigils to represent your own magical intentions.

The system and algorithms we use to create the sigils are based on traditional magical methods that translate your written words into an attractive pictorial image.

Simply type in your intention or other key idea (such as a concept or personal name), then watch as your personalized sigil is drawn. You should aim to make your intention as specific as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The words you type in remain private. They are NOT sent to our server, or recorded by us. Also, your words cannot be directly inferred by anyone who views your sigil.

The images can be saved so that you can print them out, add them to your photo collection, or share them.

The images are royalty free and you can use your sigils in any way you like. But please link back to this page if you share them on a website or social media.

Caution and Disclaimer

Please use our Sigil Creator responsibly.

By creating and employing these sigils, you agree to accept any and all risks and liabilities that may result from their use.

How To Use Your Sigils


Try using the sigil as a focus for meditation and contemplation.

  • Carefully study the design and allow the symbol to suggest other images and ideas.

  • Contemplate the relationship between your intention and these new images and ideas.

  • Learn what you can from these new considerations.


Let the sigil's design (together with your contemplations) inspire more creative artistic expressions.

You might, for example:

  • Redraw the sigil, allowing your intuition to guide your hand, so that the lines become more cursive and spontaneous.

  • Add in symbols, letters, or other details as your knowledge or intuition suggests these to you.

  • Use the sigil as the inspiration for a more elaborate painting or other work of art.


You can use the sigil as the basis of your personal or brand logo.

Simply type in your name, or the name of your brand or company!


There are various ways in which you could use your sigils as magical talismans (e.g., for protection, health, success, happiness, love, money, spiritual development, or other desired goal).

To do this:

  • Print out or draw the sigil, preferably on good quality paper, card, or parchment.

  • Ritually 'charge' the sigil. You can do this in any way that seems appropriate to you. You could, for example, kiss the sigil, or light a candle, or burn incense, or speak a prayer, mantra or incantation.

  • Keep the sigil somewhere safe and private. Do not share it with others, and resist the temptation to look at it again. Some magicians prefer to bury or ritually burn the sigil. The assumption is that the sigil will work its magic without further human intervention.

Above all, have fun creating and using your sigils!

Some Examples

Sigil for 'I seek compassion'

I seek compassion

Sigil for 'Psychic Science'

Psychic Science

Sigil for 'Albert Einstein'

Albert Einstein

Further Reading

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