Spirit Board (Ouija) Game

Spirit Board Ouija Game

by Psychic Science

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About Spirit Board (Ouija) Game

Our Spirit Board Game is a computerised simulation of the classic Spirit Board, 'Talking Board', or 'Ouija'.

This is believed by some to enable communication with 'spirits' and, by others, access to the unconscious minds of the users.

How to Play

You can control the planchette (pointer) either:

  • Directly using the movement of the mouse or finger ('Manual'), or

  • Indirectly, by using your mouse or finger to cause the planchette to automatically spell out cryptic messages ('Auto').

Tip: When using 'Manual', move the pointer SLOWLY.

You can also get your own 'spirit-guided' lottery numbers (randomly generated when 'Auto' is selected).

Select your preferences, then move your mouse or finger on the board to spell out messages.

You can type in questions at any time (these are NOT sent to our servers or recorded by us).

You can ask a new question after 'BYE' has been selected, or by clearing the board.

The 'Spirit Messages' (and your questions) are displayed in the text box and can be copied to your clipboard.

Have fun, and do not take this game too seriously!

Caution and Disclaimer

Our version is a GAME that is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Some people might be upset or unduly influenced by the 'messages' apparently received.

Our Spirit Board Game is NOT recommended for children, for those with religious objections, or for those who may be psychologically vulnerable.

By using Spirit Board Game you agree to accept any and all risks and liabilities that may result from this use.

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