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About Lottery Picker

Use this free app to quickly generate ticket numbers for your favorite lotteries.

You can select from our predefined lists of more than 250 worldwide lotteries, or you can generate numbers based on your own lottery settings.

As well as choosing random numbers, you can also include your own personal numbers using our unique numerological analysis of your name (or other personally significant words).

How to Use Lottery Picker

Traditional Lotteries

First choose your lottery region by clicking the relevant flag. You will then see a drop-down list of the major lotteries for this region.

Next, select your favorite lottery. The lottery settings will be automatically entered for you. Just click the GET button to get your numbers. By continuing to click GET, you can generate as many tickets as you like.

Both Standard (single-set) and Powerball (double-set) lottery formats are included in our lists.

Choose your own format

If you click on the boxes, you can manually select your own preferred lottery settings. Use this for lotteries that are not listed, or if you want to experiment with different lottery settings.

Digit Pick

By selecting the 'Digit Pick' option, you can generate numbers for lotteries in which you choose 3, 4 or more digits, each from the range 0 to 9. Such lotteries are often known by names such as "Pick 3", "Lucky 4", or "Daily 3".

Lucky Dip Selection

If you choose the "Lucky Dip" option, your numbers will be RANDOMLY generated from the range of possible values.

Personal Numbers

A new, fun and exciting feature of our Psychic Science lottery picker allows you to select numbers based on a numerological analysis of your name, or other chosen words.

Type your full name in the box (English characters only). The app will then use our special algorithm to automatically select numbers that match important numerological features of your name.

Alternatively, you can type in other meaningful words, such as an invocation or affirmation.

Please note that all processing is carried out locally on your own device. Your name or other words remain private and are NOT sent to our servers.

Depending on the lottery settings and on the numerological complexity of your name or words, only some of your numbers may be personalised. These are displayed in green. If insufficient personalised numbers can be generated, random numbers will be added to complete the ticket (these are shown in white). If some of your numbers are white, you can generate different tickets by continuing to click GET. If all your numbers are green, they remain fixed for the name or words that you have entered. You can, however, generate additional tickets by typing in variations of your name or words.

Personalised numbers based on the numerology of your name can also be generated for Digit Pick lotteries. In these cases different tickets can be obtained by continuing to click on the GET button.

Disclaimer and Cautions

Every effort has been made to ensure the accurate operation of this app, but we do not guarantee that it is error-free. Lottery formats and settings are sometimes changed, unsuccessful lotteries may be withdrawn, and new lotteries introduced. If you notice any bugs, errors or changes, do please report these so that we can make the necessary corrections and updates.

Although you may use the generated numbers for actual lottery entries, we do NOT claim that your chances of winning will be increased if you use our numbers. If you play these numbers, this is entirely at your own cost and risk. We will not accept liability for any losses or other consequences that may result from using this app.

Also you should be aware that if you generate personalised numbers, other people who have the same name will obtain identical or similar tickets. This means that you may have to share any lottery prize you win. For this reason, we recommend that you use your full birth name or a name that clearly identifies YOU. Do not simply type in your first name. If you decide to use other words for the numerological calculations, make sure that you choose something highly personal and distinctive. If you are concerned that your personalised ticket may be duplicated by other people who use this app, we suggest that you replace one or two of the selected numbers with numbers of your own choosing.

Finally, note that age restrictions apply to most lotteries. Many national and regional lotteries also restrict entries to citizens of certain countries. Be sure to read the lottery regulations before you play and be aware that in some jurisdictions lottery winnings may be subject to taxation.