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Have you had a premonition that foretells an important future event? If so, you can describe and register your premonition here.

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Note that you should submit your premonition BEFORE the event occurs.

Also, in order that your premonition may provide good evidence of an ability to foretell the future, it should ideally:

  • Be concrete and unambiguous. You should avoid cryptic premonitions that are capable of multiple interpretations.

  • Be specific about the timescale, location and other details of the predicted event.

  • Predict an event that is UNLIKELY to occur in the timescale and location indicated. For example, a premonition that there will be an earthquake somewhere in North America in the next 5 years has no evidential value.

  • Permit definite verification or refutation of the premonition.

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Selected Premonitions

Here is a selection of some of the most evidential premonitions that have been submitted to the Psychic Science Premonitions Register.

If you believe that your own submitted premonition has come true, please email us with confirming evidence.

Premonition Confirmation
September 26 2016
Natural disaster affecting Texas / Louisiana coast in summer 2017.
August 2017
Hurricane Harvey devastation in Texas and Louisiana.
January 20 2016
A group of people acting together to board a commercial airplane with explosives. Did not necessarily make it on board, but may have. This took place inside of an airport near metal detectors and saw people boarding the plane.
March 22 2016
Suicide bombing at Brussels airport.
BBC News
January 13 2015
Terrorist attack. Car bomb in parking lot.
January 27 2015
Terrorist attack at Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya which began with a car bomb in the parking lot of the hotel.
CNN report
August 21 2013
Had a vision of 3 men on a yacht in the ocean. I saw the letter A for the location. It will make national news. Could be the Atlantic maybe Australia. They will die from capsizing in a large storm that they didn't see coming.
May 16 2014
Four British yachtsman presumed lost in the Atlantic after the Cheeki Rafiki discovered capsized with life raft not deployed.
BBC News
August 20 2013
I saw a bus crash. It looked like a school bus. There were 48 people injured/ dead from the accident, mostly children.  There was a huge fire.  Most of the people died from the smoke inhalation ... "Middle East".  I am not sure if it is Egypt.  I thought it might be in India at first.  No specifics on time.
August 28 2013
Bus crash kills at least 41 people (including some children) in Kenya.
BBC News
April 29 2013
Coalition Forces attempting to catch or kill a leader of Taliban, maybe Mullah [name] or an Al Qaeda leader. I think it's Afghanistan. If I'm wrong it's Pakistan.
May 3 2013
Afghan and coalition security force killed a senior insurgent leader, Jamal, also known as Mullah Zabiullah, who had ties to both the Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.
U.S. Dept of Defense
January 9 2013
There will be a bombing in the east of Afghanistan. Maybe soldiers of the ISAF will be killed, but I'm unsure of that.
January 16 2013
Suicide bombing in Kabul, killing four Afghan security guards and six suicide attackers.
BBC News

January 21 2013
Second suicide bombing in Kabul.
BBC News
October 24 2012
Terrorist bombings in Syria and Iraq.
October 29 2012
Car bombings in Syria
BBC News

October 27 2012
Bomb attacks in Iraq.
BBC News
September 30 2012
Something bad is going to happen in Boston, Massachusetts. Maybe running amok, or a beginning terrorist attack.
April 15 2013
Boston marathon bombings.
Wikipedia article
September 23 2012
Terrorist attack in Lebanon.
October 19 2012
Car bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.
Wikipedia article
September 5 2010
Cairns (Queensland, Australia) - In the week before Christmas 2010, Cairns will experience a major cyclone. The cyclone will slowly form over a period of about 7 days and, by the time it impacts the region, it will be a Category 5 cyclone. The cyclone will cross the coast in the early morning hours. Many buildings and houses will be significantly damaged, as will infrastructure such as electricity, phone lines and rail. Cairns CBD will have widespread damage. Banana and sugar cane crops will be obliterated in some areas, causing much difficulty for local farmers. There will be many minor injuries sustained by the local population, as well as a few deaths.
February 3 2011
Severe tropical cyclone Yasi (Category 5) impacts Northern Queensland, causing major damage. 30,000 people evacuated from Cairns.
Wikipedia article
April 29 2010
New Zealand - there will be a large earthquake (more than 6.5) before the end of 2010, most likely between June - September. It will be located on the south island and cause the destruction of a large area. Houses, shops, roads and buildings in general will collapse. Sadly, there will be many people hurt or killed. The earthquake will also cause a tsumani, which will hit the south islands, as well as the east coast of Australia. The Australian east coast will not experience any major damage, but there will be some flooding to low-lying coastal areas from Queensland to Victoria.
September 4 2010
Magnitude 7.1 earthquake, South Island, New Zealand.
Wikipedia article
April 17 2010
Within the next 6 months, New Zealand will suffer an earthquake. I see this happening around the south island. It will create a tsunami, which will affect the local area, as well as some eastern parts of Australia. Many building will be destroyed and there will be many people hurt.
September 4 2010
Magnitude 7.1 earthquake, South Island, New Zealand.
Wikipedia article
March 23 2010
New Zealand. Christmas Eve specifically Christmas shopping - destructive earthquake. Building with scaffolding around collapes, pillars collapse, wires and poles coming down, reddish/brown coloured plaster on building falling-like art deco stuff. Concrete car park top layer collapse onto second layer.Didn't recognise place as somewhere I had been but inside shopping mall to start with. Think New Zealand - art Deco stuff common here.
September 4 2010
Magnitude 7.1 earthquake, South Island, New Zealand.
Wikipedia article

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