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Addington Bruce, Henry (1874-1959)


Adventurings in the Psychical (1914)

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters (1908)

Alpheus, A.

Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism (1903)


Past Feelings Renovated: Or, Ideas Occasioned by the Perusal of Dr Hibbert's "Philosophy of Apparitions" (1828)

Atkinson, William Walker (1862-1932)


A Series of Lessons in Personal Magnetism, Psychic Influence, Thought-Force, Concentration, Will-Power,  and Practical Mental Science (1901)

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers [as Swami Panchadasi] (1916)

Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic (1907)

Practical Mind Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought-Transference, Telepathy, Mental Currents, Mental Rapport, etc. (1907)

Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing: A Course of Lessons on the Psychic Phenomena of Distant Sensing, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, etc. (1908)

Austin, Benjamin Fish (1850-1932)


Glimpses of the Unseen: A Study of Dreams, Premonitions, Prayer and Remarkable Answers, Hypnotism, Spiritualism, Telepathy, Apparitions, Peculiar Mental and Spiritual Experiences, Unexplained Psychical Phenomena (1898)

Baggally, William Wortley (d. 1928)


Telepathy: Genuine and Fraudulent (1919)

Balfour, Gerald William (1853-1945)


The Ear of Dionysius: Farther Scripts Affording Evidence of Personal Survival (1920)

Barrett, William F. (1844-1925)


On the Threshold of a New World of Thought: An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism (1908)

On the Threshold of the Unseen: An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism and of the Evidence for Survival after Death (1918)

Psychical Research (1911)

Bates, E. Katharine [Emily Katharine]

Do the Dead Depart?: And Other Questions

Psychical Science and Christianity: A Problem of the XXth Century (1909)

Seen and Unseen (1907)

Beighle, Nellie (1851-1916)

Book of Knowledge: Psychic Facts (1911)

Bell, Clark

Spiritism, Hypnotism and Telepathy: As Involved in the Case of Mrs. Leonora E. Piper and the Society of Psychical Research [with Thomson Jay Hudson] (1904)

Bennett, Ernest Nathaniel (1865-1947)


Apollonius: Or, the Present and Future of Psychical Research (1920?)

Besant, Annie (1847-1933)


Annie Besant: An Autobiography (1893)

Death -- And After? (Theosophical Manuals, No. 3) (1906)

Investigations into the Super-Physical (Adyar Pamphlets, No. 36) (1913)

Nature's Finer Forces (Adyar Pamphlets, No. 94) (1918)

Thought Forms [With C.W. Leadbeater] (1905)

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna (1831-1891)


From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan (1892)

Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology (1919)

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy. Volume I: Cosmogenesis (1888)

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.  Volume II: Anthropogenesis (1888)

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.  Volume III (1893)

The Secret Doctine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.  Index to Vols. I, II and III (1888)

Boirac, Émile (1851-1917)


Our Hidden Forces: An Experimental Study of the Psychic Sciences (1917)

The Psychology of the Future (1918)

Broad, C.D. [Charlie Dunbar] (1887-1971)


Lectures on Psychical Research: Incorporating the Perrott Lectures Given in Cambridge University in 1959 and 1960 (1962)

Broughton, Luke Dennis (1828-1898)

The Elements of Astrology (1898)

Brown, George

Occult Psychology (1919)

Buchanan, Joseph Rodes (1814-1899)


Manual of Psychometry: The Dawn of a New Civilization (1885)

Cadwallader, Mary E.

Hydesville in History (1917)

Calmet, Augustine (1672-1757)


The Phantom World: Or, The Philosophy of Spirits, Apparitions, etc. (1850)

Carrington, Hereward (1880-1958)


Death: Its Causes and Phenomena with Special Reference to Immortality (1912)

Eusapia Palladino and her Phenomena (1909)

Higher Psychical Development (Yoga Philosophy): An Outline of the Secret Hindu Teachings (1920)

Modern Psychical Phenomena: Recent Researches and Speculations (1919)

Personal Experiences in Spiritualism (Including the Official Account and Record of the American Palladino Seances) (1913)

Psychical Phenomena and the War (1918)

The Coming Science (1908)

The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism, Fraudulent and Genuine (1908)

The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Being a Brief Account of the Most Important Historical Phenomena, with a Criticism of their Evidential Value (1920)

The Problems of Psychical Research: Experiments and Theories in the Realm of the Supernormal (1921)

True Ghost Stories (1915)

Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them (1920)

Cheiro [William John Warner] (1866-1936)


Cheiro's Language of the Hand: Complete Practical Work on the Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy, Containing the System, Rules, and Experience of Cheiro (1900)

Palmistry for All: Containing New Information on the Study of the Hand Never Before Published (1910)

Chevreuil, Leon (1852-1939)

Proofs of the Spirit World (On Ne Meurt Pas) (1920)

Comstock, Joseph

The Tongue of Time, and Star of the States: A System of Human Nature, with the Phenomena of the Heavens and Earth ... Also an Account of Persons with Two Souls, and of Five Persons Who Took Colors by the Touch (1838)

Conan Doyle, Arthur (1872-1938)


The Coming of the Fairies (1922)

The History of Spiritualism, Volume I (1926)

The New Revelation (1918)

The Vital Message (1919)

The Wanderings of a Spiritualist (1921)

Constable, Frank Challice (1846-1937)

Personality and Telepathy (1911)

Cooper, Robert

Spiritual Experiences, Including Seven Months with the Brothers Davenport (1867)

Coover, John Edgar (1872-1938)


Experiments in Psychical Research at Leland Stanford Junior University (1917)

Cox, Edward William (1809-1879)


Spiritualism Answered by Science (1872)

Crawford, Mary MacDermot

Peeps into the Psychic World: The Occult Influence of Jewels and Many Other Things (1915)

Crawford, William Jackson (1880-1920)


Experiments in Psychical Science: Levitation, "Contact," and the "Direct Voice" (1919)

The Psychic Structures at the Goligher Circle (1921)

The Reality of Psychic Phenomena: Raps, Levitations, etc. (1919)

Crookes, William (1832-1919)


Experimental Investigations on Psychic Force (1871)

Remarkable Spirit Manifestations (1891)

Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism (1874)

Researches into the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism (1904)

Crowe, Catherine (1803-1876)


The Night Side of Nature: Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers (1866)

The Night Side of Nature: Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. I (1848)

The Night Side of Nature: Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. II (1848)

Cutten, George Barton (1874-1962)


Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing (1911)

Dallas, Helen Alexandrina (1856-1944)

Death, the Gate of Life? (Mors Janua Vitae?): A Discussion of Certain Communications Purporting to Come from Frederic W.H. Myers (1919)

Danmar, William

Modern Nirvanaism: Or, the Philosophy of Life and Death (1914)

Davenport Brothers [Ira Erastus; William Henry] (1839-1911; 1841-1877)


The Davenport Brothers, The World-Renowned Spiritual Mediums: Their Biography, and Adventures in Europe and America (1869)

Davenport, Reuben Briggs

The Death-Blow to Spiritualism: Being the True Story of the Fox Sisters, as Revealed by Authority of Margaret Fox Kane and Catherine Fox Jencken (1888)

Dee, John (1527-1608)


A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Yeers between Dr. John Dee ... and Some Spirits (1659)

De Laurence, Lauron William (1868-1936)


Clairvoyance and Thought-Transference (1916)

Crystal-Gazing and Spiritual Clairvoyance (1916)

Hypnotism: Magnetism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics and Magnetic Healing (1910)

De Monco, Almo (1857-?)

Experimental Psychology: A Treatise on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Soul (1922)

Dendy, Walter Cooper (1794-1871)


The Philosophy of Mystery (1841)

Denis, Léon (1846-1927)


Life and Destiny (1919)

Denton, William (1823-1883)

Nature's Secrets: Or, Psychometric Researches [with E. Denton] (1863)

The Soul of Things: Or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries [with E. Denton] (1871)

Desertis, V.C. [Stanley de Brath] (1854-1937)


Psychic Philosophy as the Foundation of a Religion of Natural Law (1896)

Donnelly, John J.

Subjective Concepts of Humans: Source of Spiritistic Manifestations (1922)

Drake, Samuel Gardner (1798-1875)


The Witchcraft Delusion in New England: Its Rise, Progress and Termination ... (1866)

Dresser, Horatio Willis (1866-1954)


The Open Vision: A Study of Psychic Phenomena (1920)

Duff, Edward Macomb

Psychic Research and Gospel Miracles: A Study of the Evidences of the Gospel's Superphysical Features in the Light of the Established Results of Modern Psychical Research [with Thomas Gilchrist Allen] (1902)

Du Prel, Carl (1839-1899)


The Philosophy of Mysticism (1889)

Ferriar, John (1761-1815)


An Essay Towards a Theory of Apparitions (1813)

Flammarion, Camille (1842-1925)


Death and its Mystery Before Death: Proofs of the Existence of the Soul (1921)

Death and its Mystery At the Moment of Death: Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dying; "Doubles;" Phenomena of Occultism (1922)

Death and its Mystery After Death: Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dead; the Soul After Death (1923)

Mysterious Psychic Forces: An Account of the Author's Investigations in Psychical Research, Together with Those of Other European Savants (1907)

The Unknown (1900)

Flournoy, Théodore (1854-1920)


Spiritism and Psychology (1911)

Fort, Charles Hoy (1874-1932)


The Book of the Damned (1919)

Three Books by Charles Fort: New Lands; Lo!; Wild Talents (1923-1933)

Fournier d'Albe, Edmund Edward (1868-1933)


New Light on Immortality (1908)

Fowler, Samuel Page (1800-1888)

Salem Witchcraft: Comprising More Wonders of the Invisible World (1865)

Francis, John Reynolds (d. 1909)

Gems of Thought from Leading Intellectual Lights (1906)

The Encyclopedia of Death and Life in the Spirit-World (1895)

Frank, Henry (1854-1933)

The Challenge of the War: Can Science Answer the Riddle of the Grave? (1919)

Psychic Phenomena, Science and Immortality (1916)

Funk, Isaac Kaufman (1839-1912)


The Psychic Riddle (1907)

The Widow's Mite and Other Psychic Phenomena (1904)

Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940)


The Shadow World (1908)

Gasparin, Agénor Comte de (1810-1871)


Science vs. Modern Spiritualism: A Treatise on Turning Tables, the Supernatural in General, and Spirits (1857)

Gibier, Paul (1851-1900)


Psychism: Analysis of Things Existing (1899)

Gilman, Lawrence (1878-1939)


The Case of Patience Worth (1916)

Godwin, William (1756-1836)


Lives of the Necromancers (1834)

Grasset, Joseph (1849-1918)


The Marvels Beyond Science: Being a Record of Progress Made in the Reduction of Occult Phenomena to a Scientific Basis (1910)

Gregory, William (1803-1858)


Animal Magnetism: Or, Mesmerism and its Phenomena (1884)

Grumbine, Jesse Charles Fremont (1861-1938)

Psychometry: Its Science and Law of Unfoldment (1898)

Gurney, Edmund (1847-1888)


Phantasms of the Living, Volume I [with Frederic W.H. Myers and Frank Podmore] (1886)

Phantasms of the Living, Volume II [with Frederic W.H. Myers and Frank Podmore] (1886)

Halphide, Alvan Cavala

The Psychic and Psychism (1901)

Harris, John William (1849-?)

Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men (1901)

Harris, Dean William Richard (1847-1923)

Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology (1919)

Heindel, Max (1865-1919)


The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception: Or Christian Occult Science (1910)

The Rosicrucian Mysteries: An Elementary Exposition of Their Secret Teachings (1911)

The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers (1922)

Hellenbach, Lazar Baron von (1827-1887)

Birth and Death as a Change of Form of Perception: Or, The Dual Nature of Man (1886)

Heredia de, Carlos Maria (1872-1951)

Spiritism and Common Sense (1922)

Hibbert, Samuel (1782-1848)


Sketches of the Philosophy of Apparitions: Or, an Attempt to Trace Such Illusions to their Physical Causes (1825)

Hill, John Arthur (1872-1951)


Man is a Spirit: A Collection of Spontaneous Cases of Dream, Vision and Ecstasy (1918)

New Evidences in Psychical Research: A Record of Investigations, with Selected Examples of Recent S.P.R. Results (1911)

Psychical Investigations: Some Personally Observed Proofs of Survival (1917)

Psychical Miscellanea: Being Papers on Psychical Research, Telepathy, Hypnotism, Christian Science, etc. (1920)

Spiritualism: Its History, Phenomena and Doctrine (1919)

Holt, Henry (1840-1926)


On the Cosmic Relations, Vol. I (1914)

On the Cosmic Relations, Vol. II (1914)

The Cosmic Relations and Immortality, Volume I (1919)

The Cosmic Relations and Immortality, Volume II (1919)

Home, D.D. [Daniel Dunglas] (1833-1886)


D.D. Home: His Life and Mission [by Mme Dunglas Home] (1888)

Incidents in My Life, Second Edition (1864)

Incidents in My Life (Second Series) (1872)

Lights and Shadows of Spiritualism (1877)

Hookham, Paul

'Raymond': A Rejoinder Questioning the Validity of Certain Evidence and of Sir Oliver Lodge's Conclusions Regarding It (1917)

Houdini, Harry (1874-1926)


The Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: A Complete Expose of the Modus Operandi of Fire Eaters, Heat Resisters, Poison Eaters, Venomous Reptile Defiers, Sword Swallowers, Human Ostriches, Strong Men, etc. (1920)

Hovey, William Alfred (1841-1906)

Mind-Reading and Beyond (1885)

Hubbard, Henry Seward (1854-?)

Beyond (1896)

Hubbell, Gabriel G.

Fact and Fancy in Spiritualism, Theosophy and Psychical Research (1901)

Hude, Anna (1858-1934)


The Evidence for Communication with the Dead (1913)

Hudson, Thomson Jay (1834-1903)


The Evolution of the Souls and Other Essays (1906)

The Law of Psychic Phenomena: A Working Hypothesis for the Systematic Study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics, etc. (1893)

A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life (1909)

Hutchinson, Horace Gordon (1859-1932)


Dreams and Their Meanings: With Many Accounts of Experiences Sent by Correspondents, and Two Chapters Contributed Mainly from the Journals of the Psychical Research Society on Telepathic and Premonitory Dreams (1901)

Hyslop, James Hervey (1854-1920)


Borderland of Psychical Research (1906)

Contact with the Other World: The Latest Evidence as to Communication with the Dead (1919)

Enigmas of Psychical Research (1906)

Life After Death: Problems of the Future Life and its Nature (1918)

Psychical Research and Survival (1913)

Psychical Research and the Resurrection (1908)

Science and a Future Life (1905)

Ingalese, Richard (1863-?)

Fragments of Truth [with Isabella Ingalese] (1921)

The History and Power of the Mind (1920)

James, William (1842-1910)


Collected Essays and Reviews (1920)

The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature (1902)

The Will to Believe: And Other Essays in Popular Philosophy (1897)

Jastrow, Joseph (1863-1944)


Fact and Fable in Psychology (1900)

Johnson, Franklin (1836-1916)

The New Psychic Studies in Their Relation to Christian Thought (1887)

Joire, Paul Martial Joseph (1856-1930)


Psychical and Supernormal Phenomena: Their Observation and Experimentaion (1916)

Kardec, Allan [Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail] (1804-1869)


Experimental Spiritism: Book on Mediums; Or, Guide for Mediums and Invocators (1874)

Spiritualist Philosophy: The Spirits' Book. Containing the Principles of Spiritist Doctrine (1893)

Kenilworth, Walter Winston

Practical Occultism (1921)

Psychic Control Through Self-Knowledge (1910)

The Life of the Soul (1911)

Thoughts on Things Psychic (1911)

Kilner, Walter John (1847-1920)


The Human Atmosphere: Or, the Aura Made Visible by the Aid of Chemical Screens (1911)

King, John Sumpter (1843-1921)

Dawn of the Awakened Mind (1920)

Kingsford, S.M., Miss

Psychical Research for the Plain Man (1920)

Lang, Andrew (1844-1912)


Cock Lane and Common Sense (1894)

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts (1897)

Historical Mysteries (1904)

Leadbeater, Charles Webster (1854-1934)


A Textbook of Theosophy (1918)

Clairvoyance (1903)

Occult Chemistry: Clairvoyant Observations on the Chemical Elements [with Annie Besant and edited by A.P. Sinnett] (1919)

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena (Theosophical Manuals, No. 5) (1895)

Legge, James (1815-1897)


The I Ching (1899)

Leo, Alan (1860-1917)


Astrology for All: To Which is Added a Complete System of Predictive Astrology for Advanced Students (1899)

The Life and Work of Alan Leo: Theosophist - Astrologer - Mason [by Bessie Leo] (1919)

The Progressed Horoscope (1906)

Lodge, Oliver J. (1851-1940)


Raymond, Or Life and Death: With Examples of the Evidence for Survival of Memory and Affection After Death (1916)

Raymond Revised: A New and Abbreviated Edition of "Raymond, or Life and Death", with an Additional Chapter (1922)

The Survival of Man: A Study in Unrecognized Human Faculty (1909)

Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862-1949)


The Light Beyond (1917)

The Unknown Guest (1914)

Mahan, Asa (1799-1889)


The Phenomena of Spiritualism Scientifically Explained and Exposed (1875)

Martin, Alfred Wilhelm (1862-1933)

Psychic Tendencies of To-day: An Exposition and Critique of New Thought, Christian Science, Spiritualism, Psychical Research (Sir Oliver Lodge) and Modern Materialism in Relation to Immortality (1918)

Mason, Rufus Osgood (1830-1903)


Telepathy and the Subliminal Self: An Account of Recent Investigations Regarding Hypnotism, Automatism, Dreams, Phantasms, and Related Phenomena (1897)

Mather, Cotton (1663-1728)


The Wonders of the Invisible World: Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches Lately Executed in New-England ... (1862)

Maudsley, Henry (1835-1918)


Natural Causes and Supernatural Seemings (1886)

Maxwell, Joseph (1858-1938)

Metapsychical Phenomena: Methods and Observations (1905)

Mayo, Herbert (1796-1852)


Popular Superstitions and the Truths Contained Therein, With an Account of Mesmerism (1852)

McCabe, Joseph (1867-1955)


Is Spiritualism Based on Fraud?: The Evidence Given by A.C. Doyle and Others Drastically Examined (1920)

McComb, Samuel (1864-1938)

The Future Life in the Light of Modern Inquiry (1919)

Murphy, Gardner (1895-1979)


Challenge of Psychical Research: A Primer of Parapsychology (1961)

Murray, Margaret Alice (1863-1963)


The Witch-Cult in Western Europe: A Study in Anthropology (1921)

Myers, Frederic William Henry (1843-1901)


Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, Vol. I (1903)

Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, Vol. II (1903)

Myers, Gustavus (1872-1942)


Beyond the Borderline of Life (1910)

N.C. [Anon.]

Psychometry and Thought-Transference, With Practical Hints for Experiments (1887)

Nichols, Thomas Low (1815-1901)

A Biography of the Brothers Davenport: With Some Account of the Physical and Psychical Phenomena Which Have Occurred in Their Presence, In America and Europe (1864)

Page, Charles Grafton (1812-1868)


Psychomancy: Spirit-Rappings and Table-Tippings Exposed (1853)

Page, Howard L.

The Dual Mind (1909)

Paine, Albert Ware (1812-1907)

The New Philosophy (1884)

Podmore, Frank (1856-1910)


Apparitions and Thought Transference: An Examination of the Evidence for Telepathy (1894)

Mesmerism and Christian Science: A Short History of Mental Healing (1909)

Modern Spiritualism: A History and a Criticism, Vol. I (1902)

Modern Spiritualism: A History and a Criticism, Vol. II (1902)

Studies in Psychical Research (1897)

Telepathic Hallucinations: The New View of Ghosts (1909)

The Naturalisation of the Supernatural (1908)

The Newer Spiritualism (1911)

Potter, La Forest (1855-1951)

The Psychology of Health and Happiness (1897)

Randall, John Herman (1871-1946)

The New Light on Immortality: Or, the Significance of Psychic Research (1921)

Raue, Charles Godlove (1820-1896)


Psychology as a Natural Science Applied to the Solution of Occult Psychic Phenomena (1889)

Reichenbach, Karl Freiherr von (1788-1869)


Odic-Magnetic Letters (1869)

Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, in their Relations to Vital Force (1851)


An Explanation of Psychic Phenomena: The More Excellent Way (1911)

Rhine, J.B. [Joseph Banks] (1895-1980)


Parapsychology: Frontier Science of the Mind (1957)

Richardson, John Emmett (1853-1935)

The Spirit of the Work (1915)

Richmond, Almon Benson

What I Saw at Cassadaga Lake, 1888: Addendum to a Review in 1887 of the Seybert Commissioners' Report (1889)

Rider, Fremont (1885-1962)


Are the Dead Alive?: The Problem of Physical Research that the World's Leading Scientists are Trying to Solve, and the Progress They Have Made (1909)

Robbins, Anne Manning

Both Sides of the Veil: A Personal Experience (1909)

Past and Present with Mrs Piper (1921)

Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer (1894-1949)


The Trial of Mrs. Duncan (1945)

Rogers, Edward Coit

A Discussion on the Automatic Powers of the Brain: Being a Defence Against Rev. Charles Beecher's Attack upon the Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, in his Review of "Spiritual Manifestations" (1853)

Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Human and Mundane: Or, the Dynamic Laws and Relations of Man. Embracing the Natural Philosophy of Phenomena Styled "Spiritual Manifestations" (1853)

Sage, Michael (1863-1931)

Mrs. Piper and the Society for Psychical Research (1904)

Salverte, Eusebe (1771-1839)

The Occult Sciences: The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies, and Apparent Miracles, Vol. I (1847)

The Occult Sciences: The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies, and Apparent Miracles, Vol. II (1847)

Sargent, Epes (1813-1880)


Planchette; Or, the Despair of Science: Being a Full Account of Modern Spiritualism, Its Phenomena, and the Various Theories Regarding it (1869)

Savage, Minot Judson (1841-1918)


Can Telepathy Explain?: Results of Psychical Research (1903)

Life Beyond Death: Being a Review of the World's Beliefs on the Subject, a Consideration of Present Conditions of Thought and Feeling, Leading to the Question as to Whether it can be Demonstrated as a Fact (1903)

Psychics: Facts and Theories (1893)

Schmeidler, Gertrude Raffel (1912-2009)

ESP and Personality Patterns (1958)

Schrenck-Notzing, Albert von (1862-1929)


Phenomena of Materialisation: A Contribution to the Investigation of Mediumistic Teleplastics (1920)


How to Speak with the Dead: A Practical Handbook (1918)

Scot, Reginald (1538?-1599)


The Discoverie of Witchcraft (1886 reprint)

Seybert Commission


Preliminary Report of the Commission Appointed by the University of Pennsylvania to Investigate Modern Spiritualism In Accordance with the Request of the Late Henry Seybert (1920)

Shaftesbury, Edmund [Albert Webster Edgerly] (1852-1926)


Book of the Psychic Society: A Study of the Fourteen Unseen Powers that Control Human Life: And Containing Immortality, a Scientific Demonstration of Life After Death (1908)

Shroff, Jamsetji Dadabhoy

The Immortal Spark: Or, Life Beyond Life (1922)

Silberer, Herbert (1882-1922)


Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts (1917)

Sinnett, Alfred Percy (1840-1921)


Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky (1886)

The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. & K.H. (1923)

The Occult World (1883)

The Rationale of Mesmerism (1892)

Smith, Uriah (1832-1903)


Modern Spiritualism: A Subject of Prophecy and a Sign of the Times (1896)

Smith, Walter Whately [Whately Carington] (1892-1947)


A Theory of the Mechanism of Survival: The Fourth Dimension and its Applications (1920)

Sowerby, Joseph Henry (1859-?)

Psychic Phenomena in the Light of the Bible: A Treatise ... (1905)

Sprague, Eli Wilmot (1847-?)

A Future Life Demonstrated: Or, Twenty-Seven Years a Public Medium (1908)

Spirit Mediumship: Its Various Phases. How Developed and Safely Practiced ... (1912)

Stone, Margaret Manson Barbour (1841-?)

A Practical Study of the Soul (1901)

Swedenborg, Emanuel (1688-1772)


Angelic Wisdom Concerning The Divine Providence (1764)

Angelic Wisdom Concerning The Divine Love and The Divine Wisdom (1850)

Concerning the Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets; and Concerning the Earths In The Starry Heavens; Together with an Account of Their Inhabitants, and Also of The Spirits And Angels There; From What Hath Been Seen and Heard (1860)

The Gist of Swedenborg [Compiled by Julian K. Smyth and William F. Wunsch] (1920)

Heaven and its Wonders and Hell: From Things Heard and Seen (1872)

Tanner, Amy Eliza (1877-1964)


Studies in Spiritism (1910)

Tauber,  Edward S. (1908-1988)

Prelogical Experience: An Inquiry into Dreams and Other Creative Processes [With Maurice R. Green] (1959)

Taylor, John Metcalf (1845-1918)

The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut (1647-1697) (1908)

Thomas, Northcote Whitridge (1868-1936)


Thought Transference: A Critical and Historical Review of the Evidence for Telepathy, with a Record of New Experiments 1902-1903 (1905)

Timbs, John (1801-1875)


Signs Before Death: A Record of Strange Apparitions, Remarkable Dreams, etc. (1875)

Todd, Thomas Olman

Hydesville: The Story of the Rochester Knockings, Which Proclaimed the Advent of Modern Spiritualism (1905)

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