I Ching Oracle Cards

 For divination and readings

Divination using I Ching Cards

As an alternative to traditional methods of consulting the I Ching, you can use a set of I Ching Cards for divination. These have the advantage that readings can be done quickly and easily.

Many people also prefer the card shuffling method, which can seem a more natural way to select a reading, especially for Westerners.

There are various commercially available sets of I Ching cards. Ideally, you should choose a set that includes cards for both the eight trigrams and the 64 hexagrams.

Some sets of cards usefully include brief interpretations on each card.


Michael Daniels I Ching Oracle Cards

If you like the modern psychological I Ching interpretations by Michael Daniels used in our Advanced I Ching Oracle, you can now buy a COMPLETE SET OF SPECIALLY DESIGNED PROFESSIONAL I CHING ORACLE DIVINATION CARDS featuring these texts - direct from the manufacturer.

The 108-card poker-size deck includes:

  • 16 Trigram cards (two sets of eight).

  • 64 Hexagram cards with interpretive texts, including nuclear hexagrams and changing lines.

  • 16 cards that replicate the classic Coin and Yarrow-Stalk procedures (coins and yarrow stalks not required).

  • Informational cards that explain the I Ching system.

  • Instructional cards for FIVE different consultation methods.

All cards printed on high-quality premium (linen) card stock and presented in an all-white tuck box.

This deck has everything you need to practice I Ching divination and readings

Card Examples (front and back designs)

I Ching Oracle Divination Cards by Michael Daniels

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I Ching Oracle Book by Michael Daniels

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