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Advanced I Ching Oracle

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How to use this oracle

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Using Advanced I Ching Oracle

Our Advanced I Ching Oracle is a sophisticated computerized version of the classic Chinese system of divination. It is completely free to use, and your question and readings remain private (they are not monitored or recorded by us).

You can choose between three traditional consultation procedures and four different interpretive texts. Simply select your preferences, then Cast the Reading.


Advanced I Ching Oracle allows you to choose between computerized versions of the traditional Coin, Yarrow Stalk, or "Plum Blossom" methods.

The Coin and Yarrow methods simulate the traditional procedures used to determine the hexagrams.

The Plum Blossom method generates a reading for the current date, hour and minute. You may prefer to use the Plum Blossom method if the present moment seems significant to your inquiry.


You can also choose between four different interpretive texts:

  • Michael Daniels' modern psychological interpretations (2017)

  • The classic translation by James Legge (1882)

  • Richard Wilhelm's celebrated text (in a new English translation from the 1927 German edition)

  • The versified aphorisms of Aleister Crowley (date unknown)

Casting the Oracle

To cast the oracle (all methods):

  1. Decide on your question and (optionally) type it in.
    Note that your question remains private and is NOT sent to our servers.

  2. Select your preferred interpretive text (you can change this once the casting has finished).

  3. Select the general area of your inquiry.

  4. Compose your thoughts.

  5. When the time seems right, Cast the Reading.

You can then watch as six Yang (unbroken) or Yin (broken) lines are generated to form the First Hexagram. The lines are always added and numbered from bottom to top.

In many readings (but not all), the First Hexagram transforms into a Second Hexagram because one or more of the lines changes from Yang to Yin (a so-called 'Old Yang') or Yin to Yang (an 'Old Yin'). The changing lines are marked with a circle (Old Yang) or X (Old Yin).

Interpreting the Oracle

A standard reading is generally done in three stages:

  1. Interpreting the First Hexagram.

  2. Interpreting the Changing Lines (if any).

  3. Interpreting the Second Hexagram (if generated).

The reading for the First Hexagram indicates the basic current situation and gives immediate advice.

The Changing Lines give an indication of the dynamic or changing features in the situation. These should be read in the sequence they were generated (for convenience, the texts are displayed from top to bottom).

If a Changing Line appears to contradict the advice from the First Hexagram, the changing line takes priority. When different changing lines give varying advice, these may refer to a sequence of events, or may indicate genuine tensions in the dynamics of the situation.

If a line is marked with an asterisk (*), this shows a Ruling Line which should be given particular emphasis in your interpretation.

Finally, you interpret the Second Hexagram. This indicates the way in which the situation may develop, or gives advice for the future.

If the reading has no changing lines, you will also have no Second Hexagram. This implies a situation that is fixed or static.

Our Advanced I Ching Oracle gives readings based on both the original hexagrams (which indicate the general circumstances as these are likely to manifest) and their corresponding Nuclear Hexagrams (which indicate latent potentials). You can toggle between these two analyses.

In order to get full value from the readings, you should play with the ideas that are suggested, relating the interpretive texts to your question and situation. This should be done lightly and intuitively, allowing your unconscious mind to suggest connections, associations and possible meanings.

You may find it useful to compare the different interpretive texts. If you wish, you can also consult various books on the I Ching that give alternative or more detailed readings.

If you want to keep a record of your readings, you can COPY an image of any of the displayed screens to a new browser window. You can then print this out or save it to your files.

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