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I Ching Oracle Trainer

by Psychic Science

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About I Ching Oracle Trainer

This I Ching Oracle Test and Trainer enables you to learn and test your ability to identify the I Ching readings that apply to your questions.

To do this, you first cast the ACTUAL reading for your question following your usual practice. This reading is automatically saved, but you will not be shown it.

Next, you cast a DUMMY reading (just clear your mind of your question and click at random).

The ACTUAL and DUMMY readings can then be viewed, but you are not told which is which (they are randomly designated X and Y).

To learn and test your ability to use the I Ching (and also as a test of the Oracle's accuracy), you should study both readings carefully and try to decide which reading provides the more meaningful answer to your question (i.e., which you believe is more likely to be the ACTUAL reading). As with our other I Ching Oracle tools, you can choose (and switch) between four different interpretive texts to help you evaluate the readings.

By mere guesswork, you should be successful half the time. If you are able to consistently identify the ACTUAL readings, then this is evidence that I Ching readings are not simply arbitrary, but may genuinely relate to the question posed.

We recommend that before you use this test and trainer tool, you gain experience of consulting the I Ching using our Advanced I Ching Oracle.

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