Card Predictor Game

Can you predict the next card?

Card Predictor Game

by Psychic Science
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About Card Predictor Game

This arcade-style game provides a fun way to practice and test your precognition ability.

You have to guess whether the next card dealt will be higher, lower, or the same value as the previous card. Aces are always high.

Alternatively (or in addition) you can guess whether the next card is red or black, whether it is a number or picture card, or which suit it is. You can make as many different bets as you wish on each card, including bets that are contradictory (similar to betting in Roulette).

Each bet is $1 (of course we're not playing for real money!). The payouts for each bet are shown in the table, including the number of cards that match each bet. If a bet is not possible (e.g. there are no club cards left to bet on) this will be shown in the table as "No Bet".

The payouts are individually calculated on each bet to give an average 100% return. This means that (without precognition and with normal luck) your average winnings should be zero. If you can consistently win at this game, this may indicate precognitive ability.

The deck of cards is shuffled at the beginning of the game. You continue with this deck until you decide to deal a new one. The previous 10 cards drawn are shown at the top of the screen.

As well as testing your precognition, this game is also useful in learning about probabilities and for testing betting strategies.

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