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Visual Randomness Checker
Visualisation Trainer & Random Art Generator

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Visual Randomness Generator


Use this App to check the randomness of your browser's Random Number Generator (RNG). For best results, choose 1px at 100% speed and allow the program to run for at least ten minutes.

If you are able to see any obvious patterns or unevenness appearing in the output, then your JavaScript RNG may not be truly random. This can vary depending on your browser and operating system.

For a more stringent test, choose Mandala. This mirrors the output horizontally and vertically, enabling you to detect any patterns more easily.

If there are no noticeable persisting patterns or unevenness, you can safely assume that your RNG is sufficiently random for most purposes, including its use in our other Psychic Science tests and games.

16m Color256 Color 256 Grey6 Grey
Full Canvas     Mandala
Settings may be changed at any time
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.

Typical Random Output
(1px, 16m Color, 2 hours)
Example of
Random Mandala Art
Typical Random Output Random Mandala Art

This App requires browser support for HTML5


Use this App to increase your ability to detect and visualise patterns. This may help to develop psychic awareness, or can be used as a relaxation or meditation practice.

For best results, choose 5px or less. Relax and simply watch the screen as the output is generated. You can vary the speed until you find one that you are comfortable with. To make it easier to see patterns, you should select Mandala. When you are more experienced, you can select Full Canvas.

You may also use this trainer while performing a randomness check.

Random Art

Be creative and use the App to generate interesting random art!

Try playing with the various pixel sizes and other settings (these can be changed on the fly). You can save your creations using Print Screen.


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