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Two Person Telepathy Test

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Telepathy Test
  Choose Album
  EmotionsZener Cards (Black)Zener Cards (Color)
  Emotions Zener Cards (Black) Zener Cards (Color)
 Happy or Sad 5 cards20 cards
 Symbols Playing Cards Photos
 ESP Symbols Playing Cards ESP Images
 25 symbols 52 cards 80 images


This test allows you to carry out informal tests of two-person telepathy. One person looks at an image. The second person tries to guess the image, or some aspects of the image.

First, select one of the six albums by clicking on it. You will then be redirected to the album. The 'sender' can then browse through the different images (using the arrows) and choose one to try to send telepathically to the second person (the 'receiver').

The receiver (who cannot see the image) then attempts to guess what the image may show.



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