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2015 Premonitions



Came true?

16 Dec 2015
09:40 PT
Leaning Tower of Pisa will fall.  
06 Dec 2015
14:21 PT
Attacks on [country named]  
02 Dec 2015
03:43 PT
Terrorist attack [City named and details given]  
30 Nov 2015
11:10 PT
"Another financial crisis and stock market crash in 2016." [Political repercussions mentioned]  
25 Nov 2015
19:11 PT
"I dreamed I was in a holiday resort and there was a downing of a plane. Later gunmen stormed resort taking out anyone in their paths."  
19 Nov 2015
15:10 PT
Terrorist attack [country named]  
14 Nov 2015
18:30 PT
Coordinated terrorist attacks [Two countries named]. Also plane bombing [possible date indicators]  
13 Nov 2015
20:33 PT
High yield explosion [Country named]. Explosion makes a ball of light. Possibly at an old religious site.  
13 Nov 2015
19:38 PT
Terrorist attack involving explosions [Possible countries named and possible date given.]  
23 Oct 2015
00:49 PT
Natural disaster hits coastal city in California. Millions die along whole coastline.  
17 Oct 2015
21:27 PT
[Named country] attacked by missiles. Possibly nuclear warheads (or something else capable of lighting up the sky with a white light during the day).  
18 Sep 2015
19:33 PT
Terrorist attack [details given]  
16 Sep 2015
19:54 PT
I saw new defective tyres causing plane crashes, bus crashes killing thousands of people over the world.  
15 Sep 2015
09:48 PT
I see a religious war breaking out, firstly between an Orthodox Christian country, or two countries, and Muslims. This is going to take place in Europe first . I see it coinciding with the bad weather setting in this winter, so its less than three months away. It will escalate from problems caused by the migrants. I see terrorist attacks during the winter months, some aimed at Christian monuments and churches. The civil war and religious wars will separate people and hatred will be rife.  
5 Sep 2015
03:52 PT
I see a severe winter hitting Europe. There will be mass drownings of migrants and many will freeze to death. Many factors will lead to civil disorder in countries where the migrants continue to arrive or pass through. Fascist and racist factors will take advantage of the situation to kill and maim others. I see major arguments breaking out between countries because of the situation and many having to close their borders completely. This will happen in many countries, in Europe and surrounding areas. Diplomacy to make the Muslim countries take refugees will be tried, but it will not work.  
21 Aug 2015
12:12 PT
Great floods destroying countries and people desperately trying to move to areas that were not affected. This was worldwide, in many countries.  
19 Aug 2015
04:06 PT
I see a whole chain of earthquakes, big earthquakes, causing terrible damage and land slides in various countries.I see Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Japan and Nepal amongst the worst hit . I see a tsunami risk near to Malaysia and the Phillippines . The earthquakes will be close together, during a time span of between seven to ten days. I see strange lights in the sky associated with them, maybe aurora but not looking like normal just before the quakes and hear a sound, like humming, but varying in pitch. A bit like harmonics sound. Its close in time to us now.  
19 Aug 2015
01:48 PT
Terrorist attacks [country and other details given]  
19 Aug 2015
01:44 PT
Terrorist attacks in various countries [further details given]  
19 Aug 2015
01:26 PT
Bomb attacks [location and other details given]  
17 Aug 2015
08:53 PT
Dangers and damage to Earth caused by experiments at the CERN facility in Switzerland.   
17 Aug 2015
08:35 PT
Extreme weather in Europe and America starting in September caused by unusual changes in electromagnetic activity of the Earth. Winter weather in Europe will be a nightmare with many in danger of freezing to death in the cold storms that will hit and stick over countries for weeks.  
17 Aug 2015
08:30 PT
Meteorites falling on lecture hall in Africa or America, causing destruction. [Further details given]  
17 Aug 2015
08:25 PT
Two huge explosions in Japan, one from the volcano close to the nuclear plant and one from deep beneath the earth close to Fukushima ...further along the trench. Huge explosions that broke large pieces of land off the island. Large areas flooded and thousands of people gone along with the island. Tidal wave type movement of the water.  
16 Aug 2015
20:09 PT
Industrial strike in fall or winter [American company identified]  
13 Aug 2015
07:17 PT
Coordinated attack on [possible target identified] involving spectacular explosion caught on cameras. [Possible locations given]   
6 Jul 2015
19:27 PT
Mass shooting by a group of people at workplace in [region identified].  
4 Jul 2015
22:11 PT
Man likely to be killed while testing something about mindwaves. Maybe a brain scan. Perhaps caused by a power surge.  
4 Jul 2015
17:15 PT
9+ magnitude earthquake in Pacific Northwest, Oregon.  
20 Jun 2015
03:45 PT
The satellite Dawn will discover some evidence of possible extraterrestrial life on the dwarf planet Ceres, at some point before the end of this year.  
20 Jun 2015
03:31 PT
[Named famous creature] will kill victim sometime this summer. It will happen [details of place and timing given].  
8 Jun 2015
12:43 PT
A bomb, most likely nuclear, will go off in [country named], or be set off by [country named] on [exact date given]. This will spark international concern and terror.  
30 May 2015
05:30 PT
Biological terrorist attack [country named]  
20 May 2015
05:43 PT
Malaysia Airlines Flight will be found somewhere near Red land (I guess China), not hardly crashed!  
28 Apr 2015
07:15 PT
9.7 Earthquake, Eureka, CA up to Vancouver, BC. Domino effect in the ring of fire.  
15 Apr 2015
11:54 PT
7.9 Earthquake on the Juan de Fuca subduction zone [Washington State]. At least one significant aftershock.  
2 Apr 2015
09:42 PT
Terrorist bombing on airplane [details given]  
28 Mar 2015
02:27 PT
7+ magnitude shallow earthquake off the coast of New Zealand. Produces powerful destructive tsunami in NZ and Pacific islands.  
21 Mar 2015
03:55 PT
[Airline specified] plane spiralling out of control after an on-board explosion - possibly a bomb.  
19 Mar 2015
13:16 PT
Radiological attack / atomic bomb explosion in [location specified]. "Many people will be told to go underground for a time." Radiation cloud mostly flows East into [area specified].  
13 Mar 2015
03:06 UT
Worst flooding for 20 years or more happening in the Midwest United States. Multiple states will be affected - Iowa, Missouri or other states. This will happen over the next 2 years, possibly both years. It will start in spring.  
10 Feb 2015
03:03 PT
7.5 + earthquake will strike off coast of Indonesia in 2015. I believe the city of Kota Ternate and surrounding cities will be affected and possibly some of the western Philippines. I do not see any tsunami or tsunami damage. I believe it will come from the same fault line as the 2004 earthquake.   
10 Feb 2015
03:03 PT
[Named celebrity] will die of a heart attack at end of 2015 or beginning of 2016.  
10 Feb 2015
03:03 PT
Significant earthquake (7+ or 7.5) hitting Nevada in 2015 (possibly western or northwestern Nevada).  
1 Feb 2015
08:00 PT
Los Angeles earthquake Feb 3 early AM  
17 Jan 2015
19:14 PT
Before the end of 2017, there will be an asteroid strike somewhere along the Eastern U.S. Seaboard. Not sure whether it will be land or sea-based. Impact site will not be in heavily urban areas but may be in suburban or exurban areas and not in strictly rural, farmland or undeveloped areas. The immediate radius of destruction may be equivalent to Arizona's Meteor Crater. Possibly up to hundred fatalities accompanied by several hundred injuries in the surrounding areas.  
17 Jan 2015
12:12 PT
Extraterrestrial intelligent life discovered within 6 month of the new year. There will be some word about this evidence on the internet. The official report will be made public within 4 months of the evidence being captured.  
14 Jan 2015
07:29 PT
Terrorist attack [date specified] with plane crash, and missiles fired. People on the ground were fighting with guns and chaos had started.  
13 Jan 2015
05:38 PT
Terrorist attack. Car bomb in parking lot.  Terrorist attack at Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, Jan 27 2015, which began with a car bomb in the parking lot of the hotel.
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