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2014 Premonitions



Came true?

29 Dec 2014
07:23 PT
Mass shooting terrorist attack [Country named]  
30 Nov 2014
00:37 PT
Eruption of Mount Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand.  
29 Nov 2014
09:16 PT
There will be a near miss or direct hit by an asteroid/meteor on May 7th, 2015 in the northern hemisphere. The safest place will be on the continent of Africa.  
11 Nov 2014
15:45 PT
Tornado touchdown near Puget Sound, Washington State, on a main highway.  
6 Nov 2014
12:38 PT
Aircraft crash in [locations and details specified]  
23 Oct 2014
18:29 PT
The Atlantic Ocean will rise dramatically and flood the entire east coast of the United States. There will be time to evacuate because the government will know ahead of time. One of the contributors to the flooding is a change in ocean currents. The flooding will reach many miles inland, could be up to hundreds of miles inland.  
Oct 12 2014
03:53 PT
A "Katrina" type of disaster  in the Southern part of the United States, maybe somewhere in Florida  very soon.  
Sep 30 2014
11:51 PT
Large blackout people huddled together cars can't start and a large group of people of a nation are cut off from the rest of their country and the world. It's a large solar flare striking western Europe or possibly China. I see this happening in at least year maybe 2.  
Sep 16 2014
19:14 PT
Earthquake magnitude 7.0+ hitting Kyrgyzstan in the early afternoon. Less than 100 dead or injured.  
Sep 13 2014
13:39 PT
Two earthquakes in California, first magnitude about 5; second possibly 8.7. Daylight shopping hours.  
Sep 10 2014
17:34 PT
Terrorist attack [possible locations given]  
Sep 5 2014
02:49 PT
Terrorist attack [exact location and date given]  
Aug 25 2014
07:25 PT
Terrorist attack [location and date given]  
Aug 19 2014
06:22 PT
[Location given] Three planes nose diving out of the sky to the ground. This is within the next 6 months, likely autumn, a mild sunny day.  
Jul 17 2014
17:52 PT
A big earthquake in California with volcanic eruption afterwards  
Jun 8 2014
21:29 PT
A major earthquake in the San Andreas fault and the Cascadia fault. The Cascadia part was the worst. Off the coast of Washington but also a lesser one just inland.  
Jun 7 2014
06:37 PT
An earthquake of M7.0+ causing at least 1000 fatalities will affect Iran (or possibly Turkey) on or about June 18, 2014.  
May 19 2014
14:52 PT
Earth will be hit by a large asteroid at 2pm local time on 6th May 2027. Diameter of this object is 2 miles wide .It will hit [location specified]. The asteroid will come from the direction of the Sun.  
Apr 19 2014
20:46 PT
I had a dream that there would be some explosions from bombs. About three of them in three different areas but close together. This would happen in the summer time. [area identified].  
Apr 8 2014
10:05 PT
I saw three explosions take place in [city named] within about a minute and a half, and they were in three separate locations..I'm sure the first one was in a [location named]. I felt that this took place in the early evening and it was still light. I feel that the explosions were caused by suicide bombers. All explosions seemed to be within a mile or so of each other.  
Mar 31 2014
22:20 PT
Military type plane flying low suddenly explodes over a small neighborhood. Possibly [16 months later].
Hawker Hunter performing at air display crashes and explodes on major road, hitting cars and killing at least 11 people, Aug 22 2015.
BBC News
Mar 31 2014
04:41 PT
Vision that [Malaysian flight MH370] will be found at [description of location given, not in Indian Ocean]  
Mar 27 2014
01:54 PT
I dreamt that [Malaysian flight MH370] is not in the Indian Ocean. It is near [location given]  
Mar 26 2014
23:39 PT
Earthquake and tsunami on a large scale is coming to New Zealand. connected with a red moon. Days (29th and a day with a 3 in it). Strong possibilities for this year (April, June , October). and linked with Christchurch and Wellington. Think the Alpine involved.  
Mar 11 2014
17:28 PT
[City named] - large concrete tower and other buildings collapse.  
Mar 11 2014
06:49 PT
Earthquake in Italy in about 6 months.  
Feb 4 2014
23:03 PT
Earthquake. Blackout. Manila. Marikina Valley fault. Many will die.  

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