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2013 Premonitions



Came true?

Dec 18 2013
23:30 PT
Earthquake in [exact location given]  
Dec 10 2013
07:57 PT
Air Canada plane crash. Residential area of nice homes. Partly.
Air Canada plane makes emergency landing Dec 12 2013. News report
Nov 16 2013
19:04 PT
Media broadcasting the assassination of [named public figure] by means of 100 gunshots.   
Nov 7 2013
04:33 PT
Massive oil disaster will occur when a ship wrecks ...oil spilling everywhere ...sea animals will perish and some crew on the ship will die ... Massive environmental disaster   
Nov 7 2013
04:30 PT
Miracles will take place that feature in the newspapers in France and then around the world.   
Nov 7 2013
04:19 PT
[Identified persons] will be assassinated in the next week.   
Nov 7 2013
04:14 PT
Massive event either terrorist attack or mass shooting in [location and further details].   
Oct 22 2013
05:30 PT
Massive tsunami headed for Japan or Thailand   
Oct 18 2013
00:47 PT
Three or four events trigger tsunami in Tanzania. Many will die.   
Aug 21 2013
07:55 PT
Had a vision of 3 men on a yacht in the ocean. I saw the letter A for the location. It will make national news. Could be the Atlantic maybe Australia. They will die from capsizing in a large storm that they didn't see coming.  Possibly. [16 May 2014]
Four British yachtsman presumed lost in the Atlantic after the Cheeki Rafiki discovered capsized with life raft not deployed. BBC News
Aug 20 2013
14:17 PT
I saw a bus crash. It looked like a school bus. There were 48 people injured/ dead from the accident, mostly children.  There was a huge fire.  Most of the people died from the smoke inhalation ... "Middle East".  I am not sure if it is Egypt.  I thought it might be in India at first.  No specifics on time.  Possibly.
Bus crash kills at least 41 people (including some children) in Kenya on 28 August 2013.
BBC News
Aug 20 2013
14:10 PT
Had a vision of a 6.5 earthquake in Thailand that will affect 2,000-3,000 people. Supposed to happen January 2014, maybe a little sooner.   
Jul 27 2013
18:44 PT
Something of great significance to happen in Mexico, in the year 2016. There was a large number 8 hovering in the sky, with people all crowded around. Though I wasn't given specifics, only that it was not of a good nature and when I asked what was happening I was told in 2, or the number 2.   
Jul 3 2013
20:14 PT
I dreamt that [named person] would be succeeded in office by a man who is much older - maybe 80 years old.   
Jun 24 2013
22:38 PT
The southeastern gulf coast will have a category 3-4 hurricane in mid September. The whole gulf coast will be affected from Louisiana to Florida.   
Jun 15 2013
00:58 PT
I dreamed of a tsunami which flooded more than one coastal city. It seemed to affect two completely different cities or places- areas that were separated by geographical barriers like mountains, a valley or a peninsula. The people affected were Anglo and I believe it might be a location like the Mediterranean or northern Europe. Whatever country this was, it is not a place where they often have tsunamis and it seemed unusual like a freak occurrence. Also, all the damage seemed to be restricted to flooding- like no earthquake damage.   
Jun 12 2013
18:15 PT
Several earthquake premonitions for a major quake.
Jun 5 2013
17:00 PT
[Identified famous person] will be shot.
Jun 4 2013
20:07 PT
Had a dream about a large commercial plane crashing. Major investigation will be underway, not a terroist attack. Will be a mechanical malfunction. Large number of casualties. I dreamed this 5 days ago and expect this to happen between June 5th and June 8th of 2013. This one will be catastrophic.
Jun 1 2013
10:33 PT
Earthquake - Top right hand side of Australia.
May 23 2013
23:05 PT
Very large earthquake(s) off coast of Northern California followed by tsunami over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
May 3 2013
05:47 PT
[Terrorist group named] - kidnappings and violence to increase between August 17-24.
May 2 2013
09:25 PT
Terrorist attack, maybe a bombing, in [city named].
Apr 30 2013
01:02 PT
I had a vision of the state of Texas with part of the "continent" lifting off. A jagged land mass would lift off from around the Monihans (in the western, mid-north section of the state) to around Corpus Christie area. A diagonal area: 2/3rds of the state would be lifted. I don't know what the effect of this kind of tectonic shift would be, just the graphic depiction of a map in 3 dimension with that area lifting and floating above the state.
Apr 29 2013
08:50 PT
[Coalition Forces named] attempting to catch or kill a leader of Taliban, maybe Mullah [name] or an Al Qaeda leader. I think it's Afghanistan. If I'm wrong it's Pakistan.  Partly.
May 3 2013 - Afghan and coalition security force killed a senior insurgent leader, Jamal, also known as Mullah Zabiullah, who had ties to both the Taliban and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.  Three other insurgents were killed and detained two insurgents during the operation in Burkah district, Baghlan province.
Apr 28 2013
11:38 PT
Sometime soon, possibly within the next year, or even months, a member of [organisation named] very high in the hierarchy will be "harvested". This event will take place in [possible locations named], and I sense it is not a positive "harvesting."
Apr 27 2013
22:38 PT
Between the years of 2050 and 2200 there will be a global natural disaster. Tsunamis will destroy nations. East coast of the United States has gone underwater for a short period of time. Millions of people fled to the Tsunami-Safe-Domes(TSDs). But sadly there wasn't enough time to save thousands of people that died. The domes were built to protect anybody from drowning. They were about 500 meters in diameter. Some were more than a 1000 meters.
Apr 13 2013
21:41 PT
[Named celebrity] dies in [named location] skiing vacation.
Apr 13 2013
21:23 PT
[Named politician] will pass.
Apr 13 2013
21:20 PT
[Named celebrity] will die.
Apr 13 2013
21:16 PT
[Named] bridge will collapse due to earthquake 2013. Many people dead. 9.4 Ritcher Scale quake.
Apr 10 2013
16:10 PT
[Country named]. Soldiers running in a spread line gaining territories, encircling towns. Blazes. helicopters, inferno.
Mar 17 2013
05:07 PT
Suicide bombing at [location named].
Mar 13 2013
03:05 PT
A large flood either in east Texas or wooded area of western/mid NY state. Epic flood, with people found dead underneath bridges when water clears.
Mar 12 2013
04:13 PT
Severe mid spring blizzard around 1st or 2nd week of April. affecting the north east United states. NJ, PN, RI, DE, MD.
Mar 7 2013
12:46 PT
[Named famous person] and [named famous person] both shall not make it to the end of the year.

California will experience the worst drought it has had in 100 years.

[Named country] will attack [named country] and [named country] this year.

Chile will have an 8+ earthquake.

Historic California drought, Feb 2014. CNN

[one year later] 8.2 magnitude earthquake off coast of Chile 1st April 2014
Feb 22 2013
11:18 PT
A huge tidal wave in the early hours affecting Queensland, Australia.
Jan 9 2013
11:55 PT
There will be a bombing in the east of Afghanistan. Maybe soldiers of the ISAF will be killed, but I'm unsure of that.  Partly.

Suicide bombing in Kabul, 16th January 2013, killing four Afghan security guards and six suicide attackers.
BBC News

Second suicide bombing in Kabul, 21st January 2013.
BBC News

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