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2012 Premonitions



Came true?

Dec 9 2012
23:58 PT
Earthquake off coast of Washington. It feels like very early morning because it feels like people are responding out of sleep, (like foggy thinking). Also feels like emergency measures, maybe alert system along coast malfunctions.   
Nov 23 2012
12:32 PT
Terrorist missile attack on [exact location named]   
Nov 14 2012
13:47 PT
[Country named]. A body of a child will be found [circumstances of finding described]  
Nov 14 2012
03:11 PT
Bombing in [Country named], maybe in [City named] in two weeks.  
Nov 1 2012
05:31 PT
[Country named]. A violent riot will erupt over controversial issues.  
Oct 28 2012
12:37 PT
Tsunami. There was tornadoes, water, bridges were shaky & unstable ... rushing around and some kind of silence ... but it was definitely evening.
Oct 27 2012
20:01 PT
Floods. I saw lots of flooding and houses being torn down. People screaming. It almost looked like wave or something on an island. Palm trees but the area looked a litle run down. Cars being pushed and tossed around. The time frame looked like around May of 2013.
Oct 24 2012
03:36 PT
Terrorist bombings in [Syria, Iraq and three other named countries] Car bombings in Syria, on 29th October 2012
BBC News
Bomb attacks in Iraq on 27th October 2012
BBC News
Sep 30 2012
15:06 PT
Something bad is going to happen in Boston, Massachusetts. Maybe running amok, or a beginning terrorist attack. Boston marathon bombings on 15th April 2013. Wikipedia article
Sep 23 2012
06:07 PT
Terrorist attack in Lebanon.Car bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, on 19th October 2012
Wikipedia article
Sep 15 2012
19:25 PT
Huge earthquake [Missouri]. Most houses are leveled. Fires and no phones working.
Aug 21 2012
05:17 PT
Terrorist attack in [possible countries named] involving missile fired at fighter jet.
Aug 20 2012
23:42 PT
Strangled girl found in water [two possible areas named and further details withheld]. Also a child goes missing [area named and further details withheld].
Jul 2 2012
15:35 PT
Earthquake located in France and Iceland (July 27). A really powerful earthquake (several major explosions also) that seemed to volley between France and Iceland and looked like two earthquakes piggybacking on top of each other. There was a brief respite then the second one struck.
Jun 9 2012
06:25 PT
A large dam compromised, not sure if by natural events or terrorist attack. A huge wall of water rushing down a high sided valley and destroying everything in its path. After dreaming this a couple of days later the word [Name] came into my mind and when I looked it up on the internet discovered it is a dam on the [Countries named] border.
May 5 2012
20:37 PT
It was during daylight hours. There was a slight earthquake felt in the St Louis area of Missouri. Enough to give pause, but not extremely damaging
May 4 2012
17:10 PT
Earthquake in Rome.
Apr 28 2012
10:29 PT
There will be a huge earthquake and a tsunami of water [United States]. I do not know which city, but water is near.
Apr 27 2012
7:36 PT
[Country named] will attack [Country named] week of May 26.
Apr 26 2012
19:40 PT
There will be an Earthquake off the west coast [of the US], which will trigger a Tsunami and Volcanic Eruption over a period of 3 days. There will be great loss of life and structure. It will be like the Quake in Japan, but somewhat worse. It will effect the whole of the country and it will be felt in places not expected too. There will be ash that will travel across, the country causing power failures and blackouts. The country will come to a stand still.
Mar 18 2012
19:26 PT
I feel that most of the US will be experiencing drought within several months to a year.
Jan 13 2012
09:11 PT
Kidnap/abduction attempt - is not successful - by 2 male persons and 1 female accomplice on [celebrity named] from a hotel. This may be a hotel in a foreign country - somewhere hot - or in the US in the summer months. A member of the hotels staff intervenes before she gets in the car - grey/blue people carrier with tinted windows - with these people.

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