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2009-2010 Archive

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2009-2010 Premonitions



Came true?

Dec 30 2010
06:21 PT
In Sydney Australia, there will be a massive tsunami, the whole of the harbor will be affected. When the water recedes, the soil will be unusable, there will massive food shortages because of the salt. The whole of that area will become a dust bowl, worsening due to the lack of rain. People will start to move away from the area in droves. I cannot confirm a date or a time, though it will be during daylight hours.
Nov 1 2010
12:20 PT
Possible terrorist attack [country named]
Sep 11 2010
06:05 PT
[Country named] will experience an impact of a large meteorite and the US will try to help them recover
Sep 5 2010
04:10 PT
Cairns (Queensland, Australia) - In the week before Christmas 2010, Cairns will experience a major cyclone. The cyclone will slowly form over a period of about 7 days and, by the time it impacts the region, it will be a Category 5 cyclone. The cyclone will cross the coast in the early morning hours. Many buildings and houses will be significantly damaged, as will infrastructure such as electricity, phone lines and rail. Cairns CBD will have widespread damage. Banana and sugar cane crops will be obliterated in some areas, causing much difficulty for local farmers. There will be many minor injuries sustained by the local population, as well as a few deaths. Partly

Severe tropical cyclone Yasi (Category 5) impacts Northern Queensland on 3rd Feb 2011, causing major damage. 30,000 people evacuated from Cairns. 
Aug 3 2010
20:55 PT
Singapore. The sunny afternoon sky suddenly turned dark. I remember looking at the clock, it was around mid afternoon. A helium balloon floated past, at the sky and soon after, I saw 1-3 tornadoes forming. 1 of them was going down my street (I was looking out from the window) and suddenly the whole wall was pulled outwards by the tornado ... it wil probably happen in years to come.
Jun 1  2010
00.45 PT
An explosion of some kind happens in [US State named] ... The State sinks into the ocean.
May 31 2010
19:20 PT
In about 6 to 8 months a whole city a major city will be on fire lots of fire every wheresuch as we have never seen, i also see part of [US State named] underwater.
Apr 29 2010
20:03 PT
New Zealand - there will be a large earthquake (more than 6.5) before the end of 2010, most likely between June - September. It will be located on the south island and cause the destruction of a large area. Houses, shops, roads and buildings in general will collapse. Sadly, there will be many people hurt or killed. The earthquake will also cause a tsumani, which will hit the south islands, as well as the east coast of Australia. The Australian east coast will not experience any major damage, but there will be some flooding to low-lying coastal areas from Queensland to Victoria. Partly

New Zealand magnitude 7.0 earthquake of Sept 4 2010
Apr 22 2010
23.14 PT
Mass shooting in [country named]. This event will occur soon within a few weeks and will involve fatalities. The attack takes place outside a property, maybe a pub, a frontal attack.
Apr 17 2010
00:08 PT
Within the next 6 months, New Zealand will suffer an earthquake. I see this happening around the south island. It will create a tsunami, which will affect the local area, as well as some eastern parts of Australia. Many building will be destroyed and there will be many people hurt. Partly

New Zealand magnitude 7.0 earthquake of Sept 4 2010
Mar 23 2010
01:07 PT
New Zealand. Christmas Eve specifically Christmas shopping - destructive earthquake. Building with scaffolding around collapes, pillars collapse, wires and poles coming down, reddish/brown coloured plaster on building falling-like art deco stuff. Concrete car park top layer collapse onto second layer.Didn't recognise place as somewhere I had been but inside shopping mall to start with. Think New Zealand - art Deco stuff common here. Possibly

New Zealand magnitude 7.0 earthquake of Sept 4 2010
Mar 6 2010
19:52 PT
It's a fairly large street. There are many buildings surrounding it, one being especially bigger than all the others. There is a large pile-up that completely blocks the road and is on fire; in the center of the pile-up there is a huge red and white truck. There are many bodies strewn about, and the few that are alive are either screaming and sobbing or on fire, running about.
Jan 18 2010
16:06 PT
Terrible flood in Cornwall in the spring, when there are daffodils, possibly [town named].
Dec 8 2009
06:00 PT
A UFO/train crashes with red lights. Local villagers go to look and see and armed military personnel come out and forcefully vaccinate the village.
Nov 13 2009
02:00 PT
Airliner forced to make emergency landing on a motorway [Country named]
Oct 3 2009
15:55 PT
Evening [place named] Man running along the [place named], attacks woman, kills her, she is not the first. He is tall, dark hair, wearing a hat, dark blue with white stripe. His car has [place named] plates, parked along [place named] area. The other woman cell phone is inbetween his front seats, his number on it, he met her the night before.

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