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About Premonitions Register

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The Register

The Psychic Science Premonitions Register is a free service that allows you to submit a record of any premonitions (foretellings of future events) that you may experience.

Submitting Premonitions

Submit Premonition

You should make sure that you submit your premonition to the register BEFORE the predicted event occurs.

On submitting your information to Premonitions Register, we will timestamp and record your premonition in our database for future reference and verification.

To submit a premonition you must answer all the questions on the Submissions Form. You may also write a descriptive account of your premonition.

All submissions are anonymous (we do NOT ask for your real name or email address). You may, however, choose a Username to identify yourself in our database (this is useful if you plan to make several submissions).

If you later believe that your premonition has come true, you can submit evidence to Verify your claim. We will then check this evidence against your original predictions.

When making submissions to Premonitions Register, you can choose whether to allow us to publish your premonitions and supporting evidence. Premonitions published on our website may be viewed by any web user.

Please note that we will NOT publish information that identifies individuals, organisations or commercial entities. All identifying information will be deleted from published premonitions.

We will also NOT publish information that could potentially lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy (for example predicting details of crimes).

Making Evidential Premonitions

In order that your premonition may provide good evidence of an ability to foretell the future, it should ideally:

  • Be concrete and unambiguous. You should avoid cryptic premonitions that are capable of multiple interpretations.

  • Be specific about the timescale, location and other details of the predicted event.

  • Predict an event that is UNLIKELY to occur in the timescale and / or location indicated. For example, a premonition that there will be an earthquake somewhere in the world in the next year has no evidential value.

  • Permit definite verification or refutation of the premonition.



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