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Unconscious Precognition Test

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Precognition Test

 Note: Touchscreen not yet supported 
Test your unconscious precognition by seeing how fast you react to colors About  Unconscious Precognition Test Video Tutorial
Press Left Arrow for Green                 Press Right Arrow for Red

Practice (12 trials)
48 trials
96 trials
192 trials
384 trials
Trials Remaining



You have to respond to the color of the patch and also to the word that follows by pressing the Left (green) or Right (red) arrow keys.

Note that a keyboard is required for this test. Touchscreen (mobile) support is not yet available.

To familiarise yourself with the procedures, you should first attempt the 12 Practice trials.

Place a finger over the Left and Right arrows, in readiness for the color patch, which will appear on the screen after the count-down.

You should name the colour shown out loud as quickly as you can and, at the same time, press the correct key.

A color word (congruent or incongruent) will be presented immediately after you have made the correct response and you should also respond to this word as quickly as you can by naming it out loud and simultaneously pressing the correct key.

Once you have practiced sufficiently, you can carry out more formal tests by choosing a larger number of trials.

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