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About Psychokinesis (PK) Trainer

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Psychokinesis (PK)

Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to influence an object or physical process using the power of the mind.. Parapsychologists have devised several ingenious methods of testing PK, many of which (as here) examine whether people can influence "random" events.

PK Trainer (Basic)

You have to use your psychokinetic (PK) powers to cause a target photograph to appear instead of an alternative photograph.

At the beginning, the two photographs are mixed up together, 50% each, in a checkerboard pattern.

First choose one of the photos as the Target. When you click Start, the computer will jumble up the sections randomly. This will continue until one of the photographs is complete. This will generally take anything from a few seconds to about a minute. While the jumbling is going on, you should focus on trying to make your chosen photograph appear by visualising it in the central panel.

You may repeat the task as often as you wish. With practice, you may learn how to enhance your PK powers.

The Basic PK Trainer should work with all web browsers (JavaScript needs to be enabled)

Advanced PK Trainer

Advanced PK Trainer works in a similar way, but allows you to choose the two images that are used. You can also choose different difficulty levels by selecting the pixel size for the mixed up images.

Advanced PK Trainer Screenshot

It is recommended that you start by practising with the 10px setting. You will also find it easier if you choose two images that are visually distinct (in terms of subject matter and color scheme).

The time it takes to form one of the images can vary greatly - anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. You will find that the images take longer to form when using the smaller pixel sizes.

Please note that Advanced PK Trainer requires browser support for HTML5. The app is also quite graphics intensive (especially with the smaller pixel sizes) and you will need to ensure that your device can cope with the demands..

Statistical Analysis

If you carry out at least 20 trials, you can analyse the data statistically using our Hit-Miss Psi Test Statistical Calculator. Choose the Open Deck procedure, with the probability of hit = 1 in 2. Total hits is the total number of trials on which you successfully completed your target image.


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