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I Ching Oracle Test and Trainer

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The I Ching Oracle

Is the I Ching truly accurate?

This I Ching Oracle Test and Trainer enables you to learn and test your ability to identify the I Ching readings that apply to your questions.

To do this, a blind reading is cast for TWO different questions.

You then have to try to identify which reading corresponds to which question.

By chance, you should be successful half the time. If you are able to consistently identify the correct readings, then this is evidence that the I Ching readings are not simply arbitrary, but may genuinely relate to the question posed.

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I Ching Test and Trainer

Coin Oracle
Yarrow Stalk Oracle





First Hexagram
Changing Lines
Second Hexagram

Interpretive text: 

Current Situation
Changing Situation
Coming Situation





Derivation of the Trigrams

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