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Free Instant Astrological Birth Chart

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Full instant natal chart and interpretation
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Interpretations rated as accurate by 85% of our users

How to Cast your Chart

  1. Enter your date of birth, birth time, and birth place, then click Next

  2. Select the correct or nearest city of birth from the dropdown list, then click Next

    Your Astrological Birth Chart will be shown instantly

When the chart is displayed, CLICK on the symbols and house numbers for interpretations. Click 'Reduce' between interpretations

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Astrological Birth Chart

How to Interpret your Chart

Your birth chart will give a detailed interpretation of your temperament and character, based on the astrological positions (including symbolic degrees) of the planets, Ascendant (AC), Midheaven (MC), North and South Nodes, Part of Fortune and asteroids. Major and minor aspects are also calculated.

To access the interpretations, CLICK on the astrological CHART SYMBOLS and HOUSE NUMBERS. Click Reduce between interpretations.

Chart Interpretation

Key to Astrological Symbols

Astrological symbols  

More Uses

You can also use this App to cast and interpret the horoscope chart for other significant moments (e.g., weddings, meetings, travel, business launches, sporting, political, or historical events)


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